Friday, June 24, 2011


Welcome to 'What SaSa Said'! I am SaSa (pronounced 'Say-Say'), mother to Cole, wife to Bobby, daughter of Shirley & PeeWee.

I have been known to speak my mind and will tell you what I think whenever asked. I'm not in any way crude or rude; however, if you don't want my opinion, please don't ask. I have always enjoyed writing and thought to myself...."Self!....why not start blogging so everyone else can enjoy your ramblings?"

My son, Cole, is now 3 and has taken up a considerable amount of my time for the past few years. Up until recently I thought I was a bad mother if I went out and enjoyed myself. My friend Diane (you can read her blog here: convinced me that mommies need a break too. While the guilt creeps back in at times, I began to realize that she is right and mommies do need a break or they'll end up in the nuthouse. Especially when they work a full-time job that they commute 1.5 hours to/from each day AND a part-time job (which they ABSOLUTELY love - so I guess that doesn't count...LOL).

So, I hope you enjoy reading about my various adventures with my friends, family, and son. AND I hope you also enjoy jewelry. Forgot to mention that, huh? I am an Independent Jewelry Consultant with Cookie Lee Jewelry. Never heard of it? Weeellll nowww.....let me introduce you....we'll save that for another post. I'm not one of those "in your must buy this now or you'll die" consultants. I love jewelry..that's why I sell it. Didn't want to pay retail for it, so signed up to be able to buy it at wholesale. OMG!!! Yep, I toldja I was honest.